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The focus effort of this site was and is intended as more of an informational reference guide. Nevertheless, it is practically impossible to cover every question or scenario. Our intent and purpose is to be as assistive as possible for you to acquire a better than average understanding of the Stage 2 Resurfacing & Refinement process. Starting with ...

How much does it cost?

Although the Stage 2 process is quite time efficient, there are far too many variables in accomplishing the tasks required in this process to provide you with the results you deserve to answer such a question any other way than this...


We operate with a fairly modest amount of overhead, so we can keep services such as this quite agreeable. Our hourly shop rate is easily comparable to (and usually a bit less than) many similar independent mechanical repair shops that are located in or near Central Pennsylvania. Hopefully it is understood that there is more than someone's time involved to accomplish a finished project. Operational and materials costs are also part of the equation. Until we actually have an item, or items in our shop, we have no way to determine an answer to the question of "How much ...? After we do actually have an item(s), then the price is determined by the time it takes for us to produce the best results for the project(s) for you. We do have one set condition in regard to the question "How much does it cost?" Defined as, we do have a minimum shop charge of $35.00 to process one item through both stages, with a time limit of up to 30 minutes.

We accept payment for services via PayPal, Venmo and yes we do accept Cash A possibility exists that we will make arrangements to accept credit and debit cards in the future. However, at this time we do not offer those options. 


Preparation requirements for the Stage 2 process to begin. 

Although a certain amount of cleaning does occur during this process, more accurately, this is a "Finishing" process, not a "Cleaning" process. In many instances, the item to be finished will need to be "Pre-Cleaned" before the item enters the Stage 2 equipment. The removal of general dirt, debris, grease, oil (baked on or otherwise) and things similar, need to be removed in what ever manner that is necessary. Additionally, old gaskets, sealants and the like will not be removed by the Stage 2 process. These things must be removed by hand. This sort of clean up can be extremely time consuming. Honestly, we can handle this task, however because of the extensive time required and the desire to keep a good faith relationship intact with our clients, we truly would rather not do this work. If we are tasked with this sort of "Pre-Cleaning", it must be understood that this task will result in a larger expense for you, the buying client.  

What the Stage 2 process will and will not do.

It needs to be pointed out that although the Stage 2 Resurface & Refinement process can produce some very impressive results, it is not magic! If the underlying condition of the item or part that is intended to blasted is really poor, pitted and/or corroded, the Stage 2 process will not correct that sort of imperfection. Typically is will make them appear more obvious. Here are a couple of examples of what we mean ...


As previously mentioned, the deep pitting and corroded metal is more revealed ... not  removed.


Some size limitations to know about.

The Stage 2 process that we are capable of doing is limited to parts or items that will fit into our Stage 2 equipment. We are not equipped to accommodate large, heavy items such as an automotive engine block, transmission or similar. Our capabilities will be for smaller auxiliary type parts such as those displayed through out this website.


Stage 2 Resurfacing & Refining Equipment Operational Size


Equipment Operational Dimensions

Please Note: The dimensions on the outside perimeter of this diagram drawing are that of the door opening. The dimensions shown inside of this drawing are the maximum internal workspace (18" x 18" x 30" - H x W x L). 

If we can learn how to create a better diagram with the website creation software, we will improve the drawing. But for now, we hope the provided diagram and picture will be sufficient. 


When you're ready to get some parts "Refined" ... What to know and what to do.

1. Collect all of the parts that you desire to have refined. These parts/items need to be able to fit within the previously shown dimensions of our equipment door and workspace area. 


2. The parts that are to be refined should be disassembled. In an effort to hopefully reduce or eliminate negative issues with lost or broken pieces, we do not offer disassembly or reassembly of parts that are here for the Stage 2 process. Please send to us only the parts/items that you desire to have refined. All moving parts, seals, bolts, studs, gears, shafts, valves, rockers, bearings, floats, jets, etc. should be removed when possible. We may be able work around some things, but again, this typically adds to the time required to produce an appropriately good finished project.

3. It is sincerely appreciated when the parts/items to be refined are at least reasonably clean when we receive them. If applicable, be sure to remove any silicone or other sealants, old gaskets, heavy dirt/grease or oil and scaly rust. Some light cleaning and modest carbon deposits are not typically a big issue. However as mentioned previously, we can do these additional, more substantial tasks for you, but it will increase the overall cost of the final completed job.


4. If you happen to be local to our Central PA location, please contact us to possibly make arrangements to get your parts finished. You can call or text the telephone number on the "CONTACT" page of this site. You may need to leave a voicemail if you call. If you do leave a voicemail message, please be sure to clearly leave your full name, a phone number with an area code (just in case caller ID fails) and the best time to return your call. We DO call people back! ... Usually within 24 hours. If we know a better than average time to call you, we will do what we can to do just that.

At this time especially and in most instances, having the parts/items you desire to have refined shipped in to our location will work out the best. Please have your full name, address, and telephone number clearly written on a page within the package of parts/items. The inclusion of an email address is also appreciated, as it can be an efficient way of communication when the time schedules of everyone involved in the project at hand are misaligned. 

Please note: We do not have an option to do a project, even "just a small one", while you wait. If, for some reason, a project needs to be addressed and completed more quickly than is considered normal (usually 5 to 7 working days as of 10/1/2022) especially when shipping is concerned, there may be additional fees incurred by the client. Please be advised that what is considered "normal" today, may not be "normal" at different times on the calendar!  


5. When you are going to ship your parts/items to us, please be sure to use some sufficient packaging material that will provide good support on all sides of the pieces being shipped. If the parts/items rattle around in the closed package, that is not a well prepared package. Adding shipping insurance to the package is always an option to consider as well. This is especially true when the items being shipped are unique and obsolete! 

6. Ship your parts/items to:

Hava Blast Etc!

Attn: Wayne K

430 Dauberman Lane

Middleburg, PA 17842

When we receive your package, and have reviewed the package contents, we will contact you to verify our receipt of the package. By the way, this is where the email address is quite helpful. If we have any questions, suggestions or issues otherwise, we will discuss them with you at that time.


When the project(s) is/are finished we will contact you again to complete the overall transaction. 

Repeated from above:

We accept payment for services via PayPal, Venmo and yes we do accept CashA possibility exists that we will make arrangements to accept credit and debit cards in the future. However, at this time we do not offer those options.

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